Fabrication and Welding


Heavy fabrications from structural girders through crane structures, hydro, nuclear and industrial plant to offshore and specialist fabrications in carbon steels, 275, 355, 460 and 690 grades as well as stainless steels. Production capacity circa 10,000 tonnes pa. Bridgeworks comprising Warren, Vierendeel, and Bowstring truss, beam and plate girders are designed and detailed in house. Fabricated lengths of up to 40m can be accommodated within the workshops.


9 No EOT & 4 No semi goliath cranes rated at 30, 25, 15, 10 & 3 tonnes. Forklift and side loaders increase the versatility for handling outside the factory buildings. The above arrangements give us 60 tonnes heavy lift capacity within the fabrication shop.


3 No CNC controlled profilers each with 5 to 10 self setting heads with a maximum thickness capacity of 300mm and a bed length of 25m. Two of the profilers are Plasma cutters, one can has a 3D robotic bevel cutter to include weld preps as the plates are cut up 40mm this.  The other Plasma profiler can cut up to 50mm square cut.  The Oxy-fuel Gas Profiler is principally used to strip multiple plates in a single cut.  All profile machines are supported by an Alpha Cam nesting program, Win steel/win-nest software with DSTV import facility.

Plate Girder Assembly Line

Hydraulic Bed for plate girder assembly complete with submerged arc welding beds.

Cambering/Straightening Press

250 tonne hydraulic ram-maximum beam width 1000mm.


2 No brake presses of 150 and 300 tonne capacity.

Maximum plate size 3m x 20mm.


Automated Boom Welding Machine

40 No sets MIG 400 amp.

7 No sets Sub-arc 600 amp.


Fully qualified welders to EN1090 minimum approval and ASME 9 including MMA, MIG, GSFCAW, EEMUA 158 and sub-arc.


Skilled and capable Platers


CNC cut and drill line (Voortman V630)


1 No Guillotine. Maximum plate size 3m x 12mm.


1 CNC Drilling (Voortman V200 Plate Drill)2 No radial arm drills.


2 No punches capable of 22 diameter holes in 20mm plate.

Milling Machines

MECOF CS83 travelling column universal mill is our main milling machine, for smaller components we use our RAMBAUDI milling machine, and additionally have a Portal Line Boring machine.


Managed in-house Q/A department with team of welding and fabrication inspectors along with theodolite/total station + latest 3D modelling and surveying equipment for setting out and inspection gives our clients every confidence with fit-up on site. Facility also accommodates NDT of welds, painting inspection, site erection and surveys.

Shot blast

Automatic plant achieving SA2.5 finish.


2000 m² exposed area

200 tonnes plate stockyard

Stockyard served by 15 tonne semi goliath crane.


We have the ability to read CAD drawings which in-turn process DSTV data files for all our CNC operated machinery. We also have in-house state of the art TEKLA STRUCTURES drawing facility which in-turn produces 3D modelling fabrication and surveying information.

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